Caving in ordesa and pyrenees

Take in a completely different landscape, one created by the flow of water during thousands of years, destroying and molding the Earth´s interior. The most beautiful caves of the area with various levels of difficulty: from a beautiful walk through the bowels of the Earth to caves where we need to descend and ascend with the help of ropes.

The star activity for families is a cave where we walk through an underground river (with a small section where we need to crawl) combined with the descent of a beautiful and easy canyon in the vicinity of the Añisclo Canyon, next to the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

We also organize more technical activities with obligatory use of ropes for the descent and access to underground lakes, rivers and spectacular  rock formations.

Our equipment consists of a wetsuit, helmet and harness (if necessary) and  headlamp in order to be able to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.

We only need you to drive there and bring a pair of shoes which you don´t mind getting wet.