Canyoning. Level I (easy)

Canyoning in Pyrenees and Sierra de Guara

Canyoning Level 1

This is an excellent introductory activity for adults, children and families, which can be carried out in a wet or dry canyon. Safe, fun and sensationally easy in breathtaking scenery. Small jumps and waterslides (all optional) and abseils as long as 15m, where your guide always belays you with a safety rope in order to avoid any unexpected falls.

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Garganta de las Gloces, barranco de Aso o Viandico, Yesa, Garganta de Miraval, Gorgol, and many more.

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Through the office of Casteret in Broto. Reservations, general conditions, insurance, equipment, transfers etc.

Practical Information:

Minimum age: 7 years

  • Duration: ½ day (3-4 hours) or whole day (6-8 hours). Includes transfer as well as the approach and return hike (which can vary from 5 to 45 min depending on the canyon)
  • Dates: April to October
  • Time: morning and afternoon
  • Groups: 4 to 8 persons per guide


  • Canyoning guide
  • Insurance
  • Group equipment (ropes, safety equipment, first aid kit,…)
  • Personal equipment (wetsuit, booties, harness, helmet, lanyards and belay devices)